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From Leatherman INC home page, click on Client Portal login and enter your SS/EIN Number without the dashes.

If new to the Portal, click on need a Password, otherwise enter your password.

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1. "Individual"

For INDIVIDUAL Tax payers:​

Our client portal is safe, secure, convenient way of communicating with Leatherman. Please read through these instructions and explore all the menu options. If you have questions or issues, please contact out office and our staff will be happy to assist you.

  1. Go to

  2. If it is the first-time logging into the Portal, click Need a Password, otherwise continue with your login.

         * Do not use any part of your name

         * Use at least 1 Capital letter

         * Use at least 1 Number

         * Use at least 1 Special Character

  3. Enter the Primary Taxpayer's Social Security number using NO DASHES or SPACES

  4. Enter your password.


Once logged in, you will see this Menu.

These are the Menu options: (if you have a document waiting for signature, you will see the (E-sign Required, see instructions on page 2 for e-singing your documents.)



E-Sign your documents: (Use the last 5-digits of your SS# as your PIN)


1. Click on (E-sign Required) from main menu.

2. In the "Electronic Signature" column, click on the link "Client E-sign Required."

3. Enter the following: (if married filing jointly, THE PRIMARY TAXPAYER (most generally the husband), will sign first then the SPOUSE)

       * Your legal name as it is on your Driver's License BUT  only your middle initial, not the full name (for example, John R Doe)

       * Social Security # without dashes or spaces

       * Date of Birth using dashes NOT SLASHES (for example 07-11-1983)

       * Zip Code

       * PIN for Client (Last 5 digits of SS#)

       * Check the certify and acknowledge statement 

4. Once done filling out the information, click on the E-sign Client button. (Be sure to only click once, it may take a moment for the system to complete)

              PRIMARY TAXPAYER:                                  SPOUSE:


If you need assistance, please call 817-232-1525, press Option 3 then Option 1.


If you are a Business and Individual client of Leatherman, the accounts will be linked. 
You may sign into your individual or Business profile to access one or the other.  Once you are signed in, in the right upper corner of the Main Menu, you will see either your business name or your name.
Click on the drop-down arrow to select the preferred profile you are wanting to view.

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